Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This  Is Another Quick Post Of Some Great Offers  In Second life !!

-Tellaq -  Shape and Skin ( Midnight Mania Board Prize)

[Hate This]  Camo Cap/ Pin

>>>Poison<<<    Devastation Necklace Male

+grasp+    Long  &  3Q Sleeves Tee/# BK01

::MIUK:: @ SLX  STUDDED black Rock Bracelets Unisex (Resize Menu)

 ..:LiQSuM:..   Unisex "Death" Tattoo

REBEL  Pant Short Karo/ Checked Grey mens

HOC   Lowtops - Classic Colours Shoes 

*FD* Poses Male Model 6 

If you want your Male items Reviewed  send  me a notecard with all details 
Read More About The Policy On My Blog Thanks 

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